Thursday, December 17, 2009

Trouble at mill

Those of you who tried to log onto the Bigastro web site first thing many well have found it down. Similarly, the town’s email server and the Bigastel servers were not responding first thing. I am relieved to tell you that the service has now been restored so presumably it was a simple issue for the experts in the Bigastel team to resolve.

Like many, I rely upon the excellent Bigastro web site for information about what is going on in the town and the email server for much of my email. My online albums are also hosted on one of the Bigastel servers. Bigastel provides us with an excellent service for which I for one am eternally grateful.

On a non-related issue:-

You remember that I reported that our teacher Ana had a hard disc problem? It seems that the company in Madrid have managed to recover 90% of the files stored on the disc but unfortunately at a huge cost to Ana and her husband. Before they moved to stay with Ángel’s parents, he would regularly make copies of the files on the disc. Since then he has had little time to do this. I imagine he will be making the time to back up his hard drive now though.

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