Saturday, December 05, 2009

The spat continues

The issues surrounding Sector D-6 in Bigastro are not going to go away lightly. Since the fiery meeting on Monday, when the spokesperson for the opposition was removed by the local police and ended up in the offices of the Guardia Civil in Jacarilla, there has been a daily game of ping pong between the Mayor and Aurelio Murcia in the local press.

The mayor explains that the issues of concern regarding Sector D-6 have been now been discussed with the relevant authorities and will be dealt with at the next council meeting. Murcia insists that the constructors who bought land there were deceived by the council who tried to cover up the fact that the process of urbanising the land was illegal.

There is no denying that mistakes were made in the original partial plan and that these needed to be rectified. Let us hope that these matters are resolved soon so that the town can return to positive politics – the sort that move the town forward rather than this continuous spat between the two main parties which just wears people down.

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