Friday, December 04, 2009

Spoke too soon

Yesterday, I wrote about the report I had read in the local press about the problems Bigastro faced with its major project for this year’s FEIL money, then we read this on the town's web site:-

The reformation of Calle Purísima will begin next week- just in time for Christmas!

The remodelling includes, not only Calle Purisima, but also  Calle Dr. Fleming, Calle 1 de Mayo, access and parking “El Alto” (with capacity for 50 vehicles), Calle San Pascual and Calle Sagrado Corazón as far as the bank “Caja Murcia”.

Like all projects, of this nature, there will no doubt be a lot of inconvenience and disruption whilst the work is being carried out but the end result will be worth it. Remember when they tore up Calle Ramon Galud in Torrevieja and then the side streets leading down to the promenade. At the time time, it was a nightmare for traffic and businesses but now, torrevienses are reaping the benefits as we will in just a few short months. 

Local Council 1, naysayers (personas con opinions negativos)  0.

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