Thursday, December 31, 2009

No more this year

This may well be my last post for this year unless I find something wildly interesting to write about as the day progresses!

It is the 1035th post I’ve written for 2009. That astounds me. In 2006, I wrote just 405, then 597 in 2007. By 2008 I thought I had peaked at 923. Surely I could not keep this up but I have. Maybe next year I will have less to write about or maybe I will have more, who knows.

One thing for sure, 2010 will be a better year than 2009 if only because by February I should  be a grandfather. Everyone tells me that being a grandparent is in many ways better than being a parent because when the going gets tough, you can hand the screaming child back to its parents. I will have to wait and see.

One thing that would really make me happy next year is for the Pound to strengthen against the Euro. In fairness, it has ended the year better than it started but only just. To be honest,  we have got used to the poor exchange rate and cut our cloth according to our means so if it does go up we will have surplus cash that we won’t know what to do with. (that was a joke).

As for resolutions, well I could say I will quit smoking, go out on my bike more and cut down on the amount of brandy I drink but that would be a waste of time. I figure that if I have to go sooner rather than later at least I will have been happy. Let’s face it, without my pipe and a nightcap of brandy, I would be a thoroughly miserable person you wouldn't want to know.

People always say on New Year’s Eve, “I don’t know where the year has gone”. In my case that is true because actually I can’t remember much of it! Increasingly it becomes a strain just to recall what I did last week let alone last month or six  months prior.

On that profound note, can I wish you all a prosperous new year.


Pete said...

Over a thousand - blimey Keith you're prolific as well. I bet you'd never thought you'd garner such a following when you first started!

I just hope that all those members of you're intended original audience are dipping into the blog to keep up to speed!

Well done on your excellent blogging work! :D

Maz said...

My sentiments exactly with regard to smoking and a little tipple! Happy New Year to you and I know I will never be able to write as many posts as you do! Keep up the good work - I'll keep visiting.