Sunday, December 06, 2009

Not for me

You know, reading all the articles in the press this last week from the mayor and the spokesperson for the opposition in Bigastro makes me wonder why anyone would want to be in politics. When you are in power, you get to make decisions that you have to implement and then stand by. However, you are a sitting duck just waiting to be sniped off by the opposition. Life must be spent watching your back all the time.

It seems to me that the opposition gets the better deal but that doesn’t stop them wanting to be in power. Why, because if they do get into power, they will become the scapegoats. Whilst in opposition, they can come up with whatever policies take their fancy and change their tack as often as they like. Since they are not making decisions, it doesn’t matter a jot whether their ideas are workable. If they get voted in though, all those policies have to be put into practice and that is where it gets messy.

One thing that does surprise me is the fact that there is simply no accord between the two main parties in Bigastro. If you go back through the minutes of the council meetings, at best you find the opposition abstaining during a vote; more often than not, they vote against the party in power. It doesn’t really matter because the ruling party have a simple majority but you would think that there would be some policies that they would agree on e.g. improvements to the town. Nope, as a matter of principal, they have to disagree.

The good thing about all this is that it does give me something to write about. Imagine this blog with just stories about how we get up in the morning, have breakfast, take a shower etc etc. Within a week I would be down to five readers. Even our family would stop logging in for a daily dose of the “Good Life”! Whilst these spats continue, I have plenty to keep me busy and plenty to keep you amused with.

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