Friday, December 25, 2009

Shush, they are asleep

You would have to be either deaf of a very sound sleeper not to have heard the locals celebrating into the wee small hours of this morning. It is of course traditional for Spaniards to stay up all night for Nochebuena or Christmas Eve. They will have enjoyed a hearty meal and then gone out partying until dawn. I have to say, it did sound like they were having fun wherever they were.

Today, after a long lie in they will get together with family and friends to continue the celebrations but not with a roast turkey dinner followed by Christmas pudding.

PS We hope our Spanish neighbours enjoy their tin of Roses chocolates, we are sure they will. Must remember to ask them which were their favourites.

PPS I know my enighbours are all in bed because my UPS shows 240 - 245 volts. That probably means that nobody is up yet. Maybe I should put the Christmas CD on our Hi-Fi, turn the volume up and open the door to wish them all a Merry Christmas!

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