Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Council session ends in chaos – again!


Aurelio Murcia, spokesman for the Popular Party of Bigastro, was expelled last night from the municipal plenary session by order of the socialist mayor, Raul Valerio Medina.

Murcia was taken by two members of the local police force to their offices and then transferred to the offices of the Guardia Civil in Jacarilla where he was kept until 11:50pm.

The tone of the meeting had become heated well before they reached item 17 on the agenda, the point where the thorniest questions were to be raised by the PP in relation to city planning in Sector D-6. Along with the five members of the PP there were some of the neighbours who live on the new urbanisation keen to hear the answers to their questions.

However, they didn't get to that point because the mayor, Raúl Valerio Medina had already taken exception to Murcia’s confrontational stance against him and his second in command, Inmaculada Martínez. So, the PP spokesperson was expelled for "desobediencia y resistencia a la autoridad" (disobedience and resistance to authority).

At first, Murcia refused to leave but then decided that it was best that he should go. As he did, Murica called the mayor, cobarde", "cagado" and "miedoso" (cowardly, a chicken or worse and timid).

Bear in mind that this is not the first time that a local council meeting in Bigastro has ended in chaos. This sort of confrontation used to be commonplace when Joaquin Moya was mayor. Things have been reasonably quiet since then. With 17 items on the agenda though, this was bound to be a long meeting with a lot more opportunities for sparks to fly.

Murcia has promised to call a press conference to explain the questions that he was unable to put to the mayor and to explain fully the circumstances of his dismissal.

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