Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Relative calm at the Casa Consitorial

Apparently the extraordinary council meeting yesterday was relatively calm. Seven of the points raised were related to the controversial Sector D-6, the others related to various other matters like the parking at La Paz.

Some of the issues were covered without debate on the part of the mayor who believes these matters have only been raised to keep the controversy alive for political reasons.

One point that was raised referred to an auction of 3,000 square metres of land annexed to Sector D-9 (Urb. VIllas Andrea) where Aurelio Murcia, spokesperson for the opposition,  would have had had a vested interest. Murcia explained that although the company he worked for, Star Sol, had lost money as a result of the transaction, he hadn’t lost out personally. However, the mayor felt it was still necessary to ask Murcia lo leave the room at this point and not to take part in the vote because of his possible conflict of interests which Murcia refused to do.

Ultimately, in relation to all the issues raised at the meeting , the mayor is of the opinion that the PP are more interested in raking up the past that trying to move forwards. On the other hand, I expect the PP would argue that they are simply making sure that the wrongs of the past are not swept under the carpet as if they never happened. We need to remember that, apart from Sector D-6, there are still the issues related to the previous mayor, José Joaquín Moya that have yet to be dealt with. 

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