Friday, December 04, 2009

Exhibition of Drawings by Lola Lorente

The new Parque de las Culturas, located on C/ Democracia next to the new post office, will be opened on the 20th of December at 1pm with an exhibition of the work of Lola Lorente.

You recall that the park located in the central zone of the municipality was one of the projects of the Plan de Inversión Local para el Empleo with an at a cost of 42,612, 94 €. I featured a photo of it on my Flickr album for Project 365.

image The opening of the culture park will feature an exhibition of drawings by the bigastrense, Lola Lorente.

Lola Lorente, was born in Bigastro in 1980 and has a licenciada in Beautiful Arts from the University of Valencia and has a formative cycle superior of illustration from the Massana School of Barcelona.

She won the Consolation prize in Accésit en Certamen de Cómic e Ilustración Injuve in 2003; in 2006 she got the first prize in Injuve illustration and in 2008 the prize for infantile illustration Pura e Dora Vázquez.

In the exhibition will be works in pen and Chinese ink including the original drawings that Lola Lorente made for the books"Amor verdadero" and "Desaparecida".

You can visit Lola's blog here and see more of her work.

Musicians, dancers, generals in the army, writers and artists – just how much talent can there be in such a small town?

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