Thursday, April 22, 2010

An absolute bargain for someone


Since I bought my new camera, this kit has been largely unused so it makes sense to try and sell it to a new owner who can make full use of it.

On Saturday, I will be placing an advert on Ebay where folks can bid for it.

What they will be bidding for is a complete camera kit based on the Canon 450D DSLR which is currently on sale at Amazon for £568.27 for just the camera and kit lens.

However, the items I am selling are much more that that. Basically what is included is everything needed to go out and get some great photographs whatever the situation. The three lenses in the kit cover everything from ultra wide angle to mid telephoto and the external flash will enable the new owner to carry on shooting when the light is low at distances the built in flash could never reach.

  • Canon 450D 12.2 megapixels digital SLR
  • Canon Zoom lens EFS 18-55mm 1:3.5 – 5.6 IS (the IS stands for Image Stabilisation which lets you take photographs at slow shutter speeds without camera shake).
  • Sigma Zoom 55-200mm 1:4 -5.6 DC
  • Opteka HD2 High Definition fisheye converter
  • Sigma EF – 500DG ST ETTLII external flashgun with a guide number of 50 in metres at 100ASA
  • Circular polarising filter to fit the standard lens
  • UV filters on both zoom lenses from new
  • SanDisk Extreme III 2Gb SD card
  • Supreme camera bag to hold it all

As you can see, the camera comes in its original box complete with all the accessories; body caps, instruction manual, software, battery charger and leads to connect the camera to a PC or a television.

As a bonus, I will also be including a set of three manual extension tubes which will enable the new owner to capture superb macro shots.

Unlike many examples of pre-used cameras, mine has only seen light use. In fact the image counter (which has never been reset) shows less than 3,000 pictures in total. This camera should be good for quite a few years use in its new hands.

IMG_2377 IMG_2378

Of course, if any readers of this blog are interested, I am open to sensible offers bearing in mind there is over £900 worth of kit up for grabs!

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