Tuesday, April 06, 2010

A day for eating monas

Just like in Britain, Easter Monday is a holiday, the first one in the year when people pack up their cars and head out of the towns and cities for the country.

Even though, it wasn’t great weather-wise, there were still droves of people who came up to La Pedrera for the day. They spent their time in the fresh air and then prepared lunch on the barbecues up there. You could see the smoke rising from them as they cooked lunch.

In Britain you’d enjoy hot cross buns for breakfast, in this part of Spain it is the mona.

Look the word up and you may find it refers to "moña" as a term for an openly homosexual man, it means "pansy" or "faggot". Or you might find it referring to a man that always is drunk or he always seems drunk. Mona is not to be confused with mono or mona which is of course a monkey.

image image
image image

These monas have nothing to do with any of those definitions. As far as I know, the Spanish don’t eat monkeys nor are they cannibals! The mona is a traditional dish for Easter and comes in several forms. Normally they are plain and simple like the one top left which is made from a simple dough with an almond and lemon flavour. However, there are variations like the one top right which has boiled eggs which you will find sold in Orihuela or the one bottom left which has candied fruit.

Let's face it, you wouldn’t take the cheeky guy bottom right with you to a picnic - unless you wanted him to eat all your monas that is!

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