Friday, April 23, 2010

She’s coming home

Pam has only been away since Monday 12th but it does seem longer. Getting her father settled into a home where they specialise in dementia care was a high priority and that is done. Thankfully he has very little recollection of the house where he lived only two weeks ago and seems contented where he is now. He has tried to escape twice but the staff have his measure on that score and keep a watchful eye on him.

Pam then started the tedious task of going through her father’s house in preparation for selling it. Cupboard after cupboard was full of every letter, card or piece of paper they have received. Pam has found photographs, dinner sets, glasses etc which date back to the 50s and earlier. It is a nightmare. There are still the bedrooms upstairs to go through and we know that the wardrobes in at least two of them have even more memorabilia and paperwork that will have to be gone through.

Still, that is a task for our next visit when we prepare the house for sale. For the moment, Pam is booked on a flight back to Spain next Wednesday. That gives me six days to finish painting the garden walls and get the house ship shape ready for detailed inspection! I can tell you from past experience, Pam’s eagle eye will find the merest speck of dust that I have missed and every ornament or item in the kitchen that is more than a millimetre out of place.

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Maz said...

My sympathies to you both for such a task. We had to do it twice with both my father and father-in-law. It is a heart breaking job.

Hope Pam's father settles down as well as he can in his new home.