Monday, April 26, 2010

Fiesta time!

I know a lot of Brits from Villas Andrea like to take part in the fiesta at the Barrio de la Cruz  because of course we don’t have our own fiesta in the barrio where we live.

These are the dates and times for you.

Saturday 1st May  
10am Traditional  Races in honour of “Manuel Belmonte”.
1pm Tapeo in the district
7:30pm Flower cross competition
10pm Music Night
Sunday, 2nd of May  
11:30am The Sociedad Unión Musical de Bigastro parade the streets
12pm Solemn Mass to honour the Holy Cross in the Park
2pm The Great Paella for all the neighbours and assistants
5pm Children’s games in the Park

Expect more photos next Monday especially of the beautiful flower crosses.

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