Sunday, April 18, 2010

Got that wrong!

Well, well, the weather prediction for yesterday was completely wrong. Not a drop of water fell from the sky all day although, looking out of the window, I can see that it rained overnight and it is heavily overcast this morning.

I took advantage of the relatively clear skies to get out and make some progress on my painting. Yesterday, I did the fiddly bits on the front wall; the parts that you can’t use a roller for. If the surface had been smooth, it would have been a breeze but because it knobbly, you have to work the brush in and out stippling the paint into the hollows. It takes ages!

I know some people have used a sprayer to paint their walls but then I reason you’d have to thin the paint right down and go over it several times to get a decent coat. Added to which, it would take me twice as long to mask off all the bits I didn't want painting. For me, a long haired roller seems like the best answer. However, if I had one of those high walls behind the house it might be different.

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