Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The gas man cometh

We had a letter from BP telling us that they were obliged by law to inspect our connection to the propane supply at the other side of the estate. The letter went on to explain that this inspection would take place in April but failed to give us a date. I know most other people here had a similar letter including the houses that are holiday homes i.e. are vacant for much of the time.

It seems that the technicians are on the estate carrying out the inspections just as they promised. They’ve already completed the first road in the estate and are moving on to others. The question is when and how will we know when they are due to inspect the supply on our road?

I ask this because the letter concludes with a dire warning that, if they are unable to inspect the supply on your property, they will be obliged to turn the gas off and charge 100€ for the privilege.

I do hope I am in when they call. More to the point, I hope they find some way to let me know when that might be. 

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Pete said...

I'm guessing that if they're anything like Italian workmen they'd be far happier talking about their work than doing it, so maybe you could try and tap one on the shoulder with your most winning smile. :)