Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nails down to the quick

If you are a fan of either Chelsea or Manchester United, your nerves must be jangling by now. With three games left, the situation is interesting. Yet again, there could well be a nail biting finish to the season for both teams.

Yesterdays results could prove decisive. image First off, United were given a lifeline by Paul Scholes in the dying minutes of their derby game at Eastlands. That must have wiped the smug smiles of the City fans.

As you can see from this picture from the BBC, It provoked Gary Neville to give his team mate a full on kiss on the lips. If pop stars like Madonna can do it, why not footballers. I just hope they both had clean shaves!

Then, later in the day, Tottenham dealt Chelsea a blow they did not expect by beating them in their London derby. Not only did Chelsea loose the game, they managed to loose their captain John Terry as well with two yellow cards in the space of a few minutes.

United fans will be hoping that their arch enemies, Liverpool will seal things off when Chelsea visit them on the 2nd May. However, before that, the Reds face Tottenham at home next Saturday. The question is, will Spurs manage to pull off a double by beating the top two teams in the league?

Now on to more interesting things; do you have any thoughts for the Chinese Grand Prix? I see Sebastian Vettel starts in pole position with his team mate, Mark Webber close behind but don’t rule out Alonso who is in third place on the grid. He looked very aggresive ot me in Malaysia.

Moving on from China, the question is, will the teams get their cars to Barcelona for the Spanish Grand Prix or will that cloud of volcanic ash cause them problems? Who cares, I just want it to be dry so I can get my painting finished and I want that cloud of ash to go away so that my wife can get home sometime next week!

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