Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The problems don’t go away

Like the taxman, the public prosecutor’s office does not give up. The new Anti-corruption prosecutor for the Vega Baja, Pablo Romero has ordered the twelve cases related to city planning management in Bigastro to be examined. They mostly involve the previous mayor, José Joaquín Moya but also include the present mayor in his role as councillor for urbanism.

The cases relate to several issues including the sale of land at La Pedrera, the concession to allow Eurener to build its factory, the use of municipal vehicles by the ex mayor, even the authorisation of rural  land to be used for a farm for hens!

Of the 12 denunciations, 7 are considered to be possible penal offences, the other five are not. Still that is probably enough to be going on with. 

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