Sunday, April 04, 2010

Did we wake you up?

An early start to the day because this is the morning of the Resurrection which is celebrated in Bigastro by a special parade called El Encuentro starting at about 7:15am. Those of you who thought you might get a lie in on a Sunday morning would have received a rude awakening when the actual encounter took place at about 8am. The fireworks were nothing to look at but they were very loud, deafening if you happened to be close to them. 

If the salvos of mortars didn’t do the trick, then the church bells and the rockets that followed would have roused you from your slumber.

Of course, those of us who were up and in the town, had the benefit of seeing what the noise was all about!!

IMG_1887 IMG_1923
IMG_1952 IMG_2010

You can see more pictures from this very moving parade by clicking on this link.

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