Monday, April 26, 2010

Like Fred Carney’s Circus

IMG_2412 For the benefit of my Spanish readers, Fred Carney’s Circus was chaos!

Last night’s gala was a bit like that. Not that the actual performance was chaotic, far from it. The young presenters did an excellent job and were very entertaining. The acts were all well organised and showcased an amazing array of talent. No, it was the way people arrived late or left early. the way they would just get up and walk out perhaps to go to the toilet or maybe get a drink or even make a phone call. It was the way they would block the aisles with push chairs or even sit on the steps to watch the performance.

My father in law, who was a fire officer would have gone mad if he’s seen them.

None of that detracted from the performance though. There were young and not so young taking part – mostly young. There were dancers singers and musicians all highly talented performers. It would be wrong to single out any one act as being the best but I have to say the young man who sang whilst accompanying himself on piano does have an amazingly expressive voice.

There was a lot of humour including the fact that the mayor won the sausage in the raffle. To be fair, it wasn’t a little pork banger, this was a large cooked sausage which I am sure will provide him with a good few meals.

The photo here is of Christopher Riley, a member of our Spanish class, being singled out for his excellent performance. Chris is the oldest member of the junior band but that is because he is only just learning to play flute. Well done Chris.

You can see what you missed by clicking on this link.

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