Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Advice to Brits who are stranded in Spain

The UK Foreign Office has published  the following important advice on its website for British citizens stranded in Spain and other destinations.

  • Passengers travelling from an EU airport or on an EU airline are told to contact their airline to confirm arrangements.
  • The Embassy states that under EU legislation passengers are entitled to either a refund or to a later flight.
  • Passengers accepting a refund will end their relationship with the airline and will have no further entitlements.
  • Passengers who are re-routed onto a later flight will be entitled to assistance including reasonable meals and overnight accommodation.
  • Passengers must confirm arrangements with their airline and should not assume that an airline will continue to pay for their existing accommodation.
  • British nationals stranded overseas are told to keep in touch with their airline.
  • Those in distress should ‘contact the local embassy, high commission or consulate’.
  • If you have run out of money, ask a relative or friend to transfer money via a commercial money transfer service. The British Embassy can advise you how to do this.
  • People running out of medication are advised to see if this is available at a local pharmacy or go to a local hospital or doctor.
  • If you need help to find a hospital or doctor check the website of the British Embassy for this information or call the Embassy. If you are admitted to hospital, contact the British Embassy.
  • You will need to check with local doctors or pharmacists on how much consultations or the charge for a prescription will cost while abroad. Your travel agent or insurance company will be able to advise you on whether can reclaim these costs.
  • On travel insurance people are advised to ‘check with your insurance company'. Some policies include cover for volcanic eruptions but many do not. Insurance only covers events that happen after your policy is taken out so if you have taken insurance since April 15 this event will not be included in your cover.
  • If you accept an alternative flight at a later date, most travel insurers will amend your policy to cover your new travel arrangements and dates, but check with your insurance provider.

For further information contact the FCO advice line on +44 207 008 0000 or go to

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