Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bags of bags

The other day, Pam emptied her end of the wardrobe. There was a musty smell coming from somewhere in there so she went to investigate. Out came handbag after handbag after handbag – dozens of them in all shapes, sizes and colours. Right at the back she found some straw hats and a a couple of textile bags  that were the cause of the noxious odours. The very cold winter had created the right conditions for condensation in the bedroom and that part of the wardrobe is on the outside wall. It hasn’t happened before but then we haven’t had a winter so cold since we came here.

Anyway, having seen just how many bags she had, Pam declared that she would not need any more for the rest of her life. Now I know that is not true and it will only be a matter of time before she starts looking at the stalls on the market again. In the meantime though I am saving her from herself by not taking her anywhere that they might sell handbags!

That means that we did not go to Almoradí for their first “Feria de Outlet” yesterday. Just as well  because there were 14 stalls selling shoes, suits, boots and probably bags at knock down prices. For those of you do have space in the wardrobe, the fair will be open again today until 9pm.

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