Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A great result

Remember I said that the director of the group Percuseve had asked me to take photographs of their performance on Sunday. Yesterday, I sent him a CD with all the original photographs, a copy of the online album I posted on the web and a link to the site where they are located. That way his students can see the photographs for themselves and can have copies to print out if they wish.

This is the email  Miguel sent me in response:-

Hola Keith!

Soy Miguel Sáez  director del grupo percuseve, nos conocimos en la Escuela de Música de Bigastro a través de Cristopher y te pedí el reportaje sobre Ritmos de Papel.

Darte las gracias y la enhorabuena por tu trabajo, IMPRESIONANTE, como has captado la esencia de la obra, es un trabajo maravilloso, estoy muy contento por poder ver la obra plasmada en fotografía tan bien. Mañana cuando enseñe las fotos a mis alumnos y compañeros van a dar saltos de alegría.

Miles de gracias y un fuerte abrazo.

Perdón por escribrite en castellano, pero mi Inglés es nulo.

I think you could say he was pleased with the result. Miguel says that I captured the essence of the performance which is of course what I set out to do. He goes on to say that his students will jump for joy when they see the photographs of their work. Good, that was the intention.

The students and Miguel worked dammed hard to produce such an absorbing production which was both polished and professional.

Miguel congratulates me on my work and I in turn must congratulate him because his was the larger task.

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