Friday, April 30, 2010

We will not be going to the polls

There is not much time left now before the General Election in Britain. Pam and I did download the application forms to allow us to have a postal vote from here in Spain but I’m sorry to say we didn’t complete them.

So we won’t be voting - only the second time that neither of us will have voted since we reached the age when we could. Although we are proud to be British, our home now is in Spain so, the truth is, it would be more relevant to our lives if we could vote here.

Reading about the campaign in Britain that is coming to a close, it seems that the three main parties are neck and neck in the debates. Whether that will transmit into votes at the actual poll remains to be seen. What it does show is that neither of the two main parties have gained the confidence of the voters and that people are turning to the LIb. Dems. as an alternative. However, since the country does not have proportional representation, the Lib Dems. could still end up with very few seats in parliament. Even if that happens, a strong vote for the third party should hopefully send a signal to the two main parties.

All the signs at the moment show that there could be a hung parliament with no one party in overall control which of course means that very few decisions will be made. Whether that will be good or bad for the country remains to be seen. Whatever the result, nobody can blame Pam and I.

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Unknown said...

Dear Keith & Pam Williamson,

Notwithstanding you are British you
are also European citizens and if you can then you must vote, because any citizens ought to express their own political gnome....