Sunday, April 25, 2010

Just like a war zone

Whenever you hear fireworks close to it is usually either from the house next door but one to us or the similar house on the road below. This time it was the house next door but one where Manuel and Eli live. I knew there was a party imminent because of all the activity on the road in the morning. People were coming and going bringing food etc in preparation.

Not all Spaniards are fond of fireworks but my neighbours are so periodically there were loud bangs (some deafeningly loud) as they set off rockets and mortars. Then there was a lull during siesta time followed by  more fireworks which continued on into the night with a last large salvo set off just after midnight.

That didn't mark the end of the party though. There were still children playing outside when I went to bed and later on I was woken by the sounds of people leaving the street at some unearthly hour. 

Peace and quiet will return now until they find the next excuse to let their hair down.

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